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Nimatel Fibra y Telecomunicaciones
Nimatel Fibra y Telecomunicaciones



Nimatel Fibra y Telecomunicaciones
Nimatel Services


- Installation and / or adaptation of facilities for digital terrestrial television (TDT) and Satellite television in houses and neighborhoods.
- Maintenance, installation and adjustment of Cable Television Networks (AFTA) in neighboring communities, residential, and residential areas.
- Installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks.
- Maintenance, installation and adjustment of computers Local Area Netwoks (LAN) in buildings, offices, and houses.
- Maintenance, installation and adjustment of WIFI Netwoks in buildings, offices, shops, restaurants and houses.
- Reports of all kinds relating to telecommunications facilities.

Nimatel Work Experience


We take care of the maintenance and repairs of more than 120 Community Owners, Residentials and Urbanizations with common telecommunications infrastructure.

We have the confidence of more than 20 companies and community administrators working with many international clients that get the best service and a fluent communication.

We are specialists and we offer only high quality products. We also work with a big network of collaborators that we can recommend and be recommended by the best professionals in different business areas thanks to our large contact network and the mutual trust between us.

Nimatel Guarantee


We are a company which the main objetive is the good image we give to our clients, so we take care of every single detail in our installations. Repairs guaranteed to our customers in less than 48 hours.

We carry out an evaluation in order to offer our customers the best solution for their needs technically and economically. We are telecommunication engineers registered by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and digital agenda with number 11078.

  • maintenance and repair your installation
  • antenna installation
  • integrated service

Nimatel Cartagena is a company aimed at solving the problems of telecommunications facilities, no hassle, no complex explanations, without prior knowledge and without investing large sums of money. You tell us your problem, we will solve.

Nimatel is oriented installation, management, maintenance and repair of all equipment, any type of radio networks for TV service company. This includes headers Television, both user and professional, network cabling, fiber optic transmitters, trunk amplifiers, and terminal equipment housing ... etc.

Our experience will make your life easy avoiding you having to go through technical manuals and spending unnecessary money. Our industry experience supports us with over 15 years experience in the market, we have installed and configured from small installations in houses, and large cable networks that serve more than 3000 homes through a single point of receipt with fiber optic backbone, and multiple optical distribution nodes.

We are based in Cartagena, and our scope of work is mainly the region of Campo de Cartagena, likewise also perform installations in the rest of the Region of Murcia. We are specialized in the sector, so we can perform any maintenance or subsequent expansion to a facility already done. We are authorized telecommunications installers, registered in the registration number 11078.

Our goal is the implementation of our services in the market, with a very simple and customer-oriented end slogan. You have a problem, we'll solve it!


If you have some question about our work, please, call us: (+34) 968 148 003 or if you prefer, you can send us an email to info@nimatel.es

Nimatel Fibra y Telecomunicaciones

Cartagena, Calle San Valentín, 4, 30310
(+34) 968 148 003

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Nimatel Fibra y Telecomunicaciones
Nimatel Fibra y Telecomunicaciones